This is the stuff that happens when you keep on keepin’ on!

December 9th, 2009

Donna Sirianni being interviewed for the "Live it Up!" TV show So WOW…as I sit here typing this I feel like a kid at Christmas time….wait… is Christmas time! So much is happening and all I keep feeling is that I want to tell everybody “SEE!!!! Do you see what’s is unfolding??!! Do you know you can do the same for your OWN life??!! I want you to believe in yourself, I want you to unleash that GREATNESS you have inside… that we ALL have inside!!

I remember saying to myself (for like the last year!)…I need to make this trailer go viral !!…This real time message HAS to be publicized!!I want to reach as many people all over the world as I possible can….but how do I do it when I can’t afford to pay a big company do to something on the crazy huge scale that I need them to? Just hold tight I kept saying, maybe I’ll find someone that will want to finance the rest of the film and THEN I can do that…or maybe someone will come from out of the blue and just WANT to be part of this??!!  I just kept on playing “what if ” scenarios in my head…And THAT’S what happened!!! A friend of mine, Jeff,  (hi Jeff!) that I met while volunteering at a Tony Robbins event 3 years ago, reconnected with me and has been incredibly supportive from day one of MY WISH. He lives is a totallydifferent state, ran into a woman named Jennifer Hess who studied under  the team who analyzed the famous social media campaign for President Obama…He told her about the MY WISH trailer, she saw it, she called me to tell me she will be flying up to NY to meet with me and that she wants to take on the MY WISH campaign on her own because she believes in the message! Just like that!  (Her company’s site: Experts of Social Media ) I talked to her on the phone, she is incredible!….and this is yet another example of attracting a super positive person to be a part of this team! This all happened in just a few days and I am super grateful!!!! YOU NEVER KNOW HOW YOUR OWN STORY WILL UNFOLD!!! “Hold the vision and trust the process!”

This also gives me confidence now in the other things I envision happening…like finding the few celebrities that I think can add a lot of value to the film by talking about their own belief system…..I am doing what I can on my own to contact them…but I know as in the above example, that the universe MUST be in the middle of orchestrating it….so I will just know that it will eventually happen…be excited, grateful and “trust the process!” I am sure in the future I will be sending you a blog being blown out of my mind how I contacted my first celebrity! lol

So, all of you wonderful souls reading this….don’t stop!!!! Keep going!!! When you feel that you have NO IDEA how something is going  to come together…keep believing…even when you’re not feeling so hot about the progress you “think” you’re not making…if you hold your vision, keep believing , keep giving and loving…I really believe/know it will happen!!

Before I go…some more updates I’d love for you to check out!!

1. The My Wish site (the site you’re on right now- just go to the home page) is in the middle of getting a facelift:)…new banner on the top of the page as well as new icons to click above the trailer to follow me/ the film on You  Tube, Facebook and Twitter….so feel free to subscribe to the youtube channel,friend me, tweet me….whatever it’s called lol :)

2.Tomorrow morning (Th Dec 10that 6 am on WLNY) I will be interviewed on TV by my now great friend Donna Drake (in the pic above) ! She is full of life, energy and loves to “paint with people”! (Her book:) She has been a great friend introducing me to so many positive people! Her show is called “Live It Up!!!!”

3. My press/media room….2 REALLY cool things!

-I did my FIRST overseas interview on Skype with a speaker from Singapore!! It was soooo cool!! Talk about wanting to reach others on the other end of the globe! (you can hear it when you go to the page below and click on “radio interviews”)

-Also the MY WISH project got its FIRST front page local news spread! You can read it when you go to the  link below  and scroll down to “articles/newsletters” Its so funny because the first sentence mistakenly says that the film has already been completed…but I take it as a look into the film’s future…a literal validation for me of what is to come! See! The universe is working so fast, that I have to really keep up!

You can see both of the new interviews here:

So there you go…I am hoping that all of the above is evidence for you what starts happening when you keep on keepin’ on!!!!! Now go get your dream!!!

Lots of love!


P.S.  As always, I love to hear from you!!

Pursue Until it POPS !

October 7th, 2009
Donna Sirianni on set

Donna Sirianni on set

Hey everyone! ….Wow- as I just uploaded this picture onto this blog..I am realizing how many times I have been on set in the background of things etc. watching the leads, being happy for them , and at the same time knowing that I will one day be the lead of things…used those opportunities to visualize my future. And this picture here is the manifestation of that…pretty freakin cool lol. Sometimes, well I do it A LOT of the times, lol…being conscious of stuff like this makes what you want to manifest, flow faster to your path…this is an example of something that has “popped” for on and you’ll see what I mean.

OK, so I told you that I am NOT stopping no matter what – and let’s see what happens…remember, I’m looking to play FULL OUT….looking to push my spirit to see what can be manifested during my time on this Earth…positively impact as MANY people around the world as I can through what I am able to create…and for me…I choose the entertainment business…acting/producing etc. For you, you have your own great dream :)

But the whole purpose here is to NOT make all this visualization/belief systems/ law of attraction some kind of “fluffy cloud” stuff… my purpose is to make it REAL to you…that’s why I’m exposing all of these things to you as they are applied by myself! 

It’s been a little over a year and a half since I pressed “play” on my camcorder for “My Wish” the movie…and what a fun ride it’s been! As I look back though, I want to share what I’ve learned. MANY, MANY times as I’ve been on this path, I’ve been in situations where I got excited and thought to myself “THIS IS IT!” (meaning I thought someone I met or circumstance I was in was IT!  The one or thing that was going to help not just move everything forward…but make it POP to a huge new level!) Only to find out…oh..I guess this is NOT it :(……but I always knew that the experience of it NOT being “it” will just make me grow as a person as I move forward….and of course, yes, it may SUCK!!!! … for the moment…but I won’t let myself stay there :) lol

And as I look back ,  it really hit me that there are probably so many people out there who thought that their OWN thing was going to work, or pop, but then didn’t…and then they just stopped all together. When someone else sees what you’re doing and thinks it’s no good, or won’t work, or doesn’t fit in..that COULD be deflating…and sometimes you may be the only one who “GETS IT”. But ok…what we are focusing on here is what happens if you STILL believe and STILL move forward with it anyway?? You will get more nos…then maybe a few… ok maybe not POPS…. but maybe something that moves you a little closer to your goals and what you want to do. Maybe we NEED those “no’s” to check in with ourselves to see if it is really our passion..what we really want to do. Do the no’s DEFEAT you or DEFINE you? (Hey, I Like that one! lol) But eventually, if you keep on believing and keep moving forward….things WILL “POP”!! They must. (That’s what I choose to believe anyway :) And I also rather choose to define “No” as “Not yet” or “Not this way“…I mean, doesn’t that sit better with you? :) It’a amazing- you really can create your own meaning to anything that happens!!!

I’ve had great experiences (even ones that may not seem so great, I DECIDE to TURN INTO great!…..because I feel like it…another growth opportunity whooo hooo… lol)

At this point in my journey and in “My Wish” the movie…I am the closest I have ever been to POPPING everywhere…closest I have been to having an agent…closest I have been to speaking with TOP celebrities to say a few words to you in this film…closest I have ever been to getting the rest of ”My Wish” funded…closest I have ever been in getting mainstream TV press on the message of the film.

Now, all of the above may not happen with the people and circumsatances that I’m invoved with right now…I think they will…because I always think it will…I will ALWAYS get excited and feel THIS IS IT!  Because as an analogy to this goes…”I rather love and have a loss than to never have loved at all”…or something like that….but I DO KNOW that if these circumstances do NOT work out…I WILL keep going….because I have decided to love the journey. Do you see what I’m saying? ??If you are not loving the journey, you might keep saying  to yourself- “But I can’t keep doing this!!!”   “How much of my life am I going to have to spend on this???” “When is it going  to HAPPEN!!!” Ahhhh haaa! …..If you’re loving the journey…whether what you want to do “POPS” or not…… IT WON”T MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!! I invite you to sit with that one for a while…I did.

So will you continue your journey???? Will you even START your journey???? Mine is just one example and I am so happy and honored you’re on it with me! Hey, like I said, I’m learning as I go along and just want to share what I think are my own real-time lessons with YOU!

Much much MUCH love to you!!! :)


 P.S. The trailer by the way, has reached over 75 countries! Thanks  for your part in that!! Let’s keep it going!!!

“Dare to Dream”…and break boards too!! :)

July 8th, 2009







Hello Everyone!

Well I just returned from my trip to LA and San Diego…it was great! In LA I did my first “In the studio” Radio interview. Deborah was awesome! Her show is great…she produces “Dare to Dream”…in which she interviews people who encourage you to “dare to dream” . lol

She has a great warm energy and is doing what she is meant to do :) I’m learning to relax before I do these, just talk from my heart…and be real…always :) It’s so exciting as I focus being in the moment how everything is happening so fast…and most importantly with great people who genuinely care about others. I feel like I’m on a really good path and as always, have faith in God that he is taking me to where I will be able to express what I need to express…. This interview can be heard :

this Fri July 10th, 2009 at 2 pm (EST) at:  (92.5….an LA radio station) 

just click “LISTEN LIVE” at the time the show airs…if you miss it, it will be in Deborah’s archives on her site at

We also did some filming from this interview for “My Wish” the movie…pretty cool :)

It’s funny, but I used to think…how do people get on the radio and TV and do this stuff??? I actually “met” her by posting the “My Wish” trailer on Linked In…..she found it and asked me if I wanted to be interviewed…but you had to be in the studio in LA…and I live in NY!!!…BUT, I was going to be on the west coast for a leadership seminar the exact week she had a cancellation!!! Now, you may think “what a coincidence” but I think…”Of course! That’s how it works when you are “in the flow”! This whole law of attraction thing is working at its best….and all I say is “THANK YOU!”

So  I invite you to check out the interview! And as always would love feedback as well as topics or questions you would want me to address for future interviews!! I want to know what YOU want me to share!! :)

So….after the interview, I went down to San Diego for a Leadership Seminar….as “bad” as the economy is, it was so inspiring to see hundreds of people willing to commit to being a leader in this time…and wanting to help others to perhaps get a different perspective on things…to see opportunities and possibilities so they can move forward.

One of my favorite parts was at the end of the week when hundreds of us stormed the middle of the conference room to the song “Lose Yourself” by Eminem! We each had 3 attempts to break the board with our hands after getting massively focused and telling ourselves that we could ABSOLUTELY do this! If you missed on the third attempt , you went to the side to work with trainers until you broke it, as  to not disturb the massive flow of energy storming the center of the room! So for me, it was like this… first attempt..I didn’t do it…my quick response in my head was “shit! this board is HARD!!” lol  next thought…”SO WHAT!…I’m not stopping_ I’ll do it again!”…2nd attempt….a “no-go” again! “My response to myself…ahhhhh this is awesome! this is the lesson!! People get “no” all the time or worse yet, tell THEMSELVES “no”….but I say “YES!!!!!!!!…nothing will stop me!!!!!” and with that, the board cracked in half!! and for a second, I was like “holy shit! I really did break it!!!! :)”….then jumped over to the other side of the room to celebrate with everyone else who already broke their boards and was cheering us on……so I want you to know that even though I may not kow the details of the dream you are going for or started to incoprporate into your life (and I am assuming you are doing this…that’s the whole point of this movie!!!!!! :) I am TOTALLY cheering you on in my heart andsend MASSIVE positive energy out to ALL of you!!! NO doesn’t mean a thing….when you make it an absolute YES!….it will happen!!!!!……now, what “board” are YOU going to break???!!!!

Lots of love and board breaking energy to you!!!!

Donna :)

“My Wish” on the radio…here we go !!!

June 14th, 2009
Donna Sirianni

Donna Sirianni

Here we go!!! ….

I’m excited to say that the promotional trailer for “My Wish” is catching the eyes of people who want to spread its message even more! I want to let you know about two radio shows that I’m doing over the next week or so to promote the movie and   people out their to go for their dreams….one out of Washington State, and the other out of LA :)

I am totally trusting in God and this whole process of  my journey in contributing in the entertainment business. Again, there is no “small” situation…it is all “BIG” to me….all  signs that I am on the right path with this…I see the people coming into my life out of “nowhere” wanting to help out with the “My Wish” film….and all different opportunities coming up with producing and acting….I acknowldege what’s going on. I feel like it is so important to do that…stop and take “inventory” on the people around you , the situations “popping up”…and the blessings that are in your life, that we sometimes take for granted or say is a “coincidence”..I don’t believe in coincidences…I believe it’s “validation” that the universe and God hear what you want to do and are sending you the people and situations you need to do what you are focused on doing…just say “THANK YOU” and “YES! More of this please!!!” ……keep holding that picture in your head…and believe me – you’ll know when to act- you’ll feel inspired- you’ll get an idea to act on —and that’s when you need to do it!!! Even if something doesn’t happen from that right away…it might be for a reason in the future that you don’t know yet..just trust your gut!  :)

So as for the two shows that I am so excited to be on….am I a seasoned interview guest? Nope, not yet…am I a little nervous to do all this- yup! a little….but again…if I want BIG RESULTS I need to take my own BIG RISKS!! So here we go- I would love for you to take note of the places and time- and if you have time to tune in! :)

Radio Interviews:


Name of show: Dream List Radio

Out of: Washington State

When: Tuesday, June 16th  at 1 pm EST (10 am PST)

Type: Web radio

Info on the station:

How can you listen?

A. log on to


B. call in at (724) 444-7444 Caller ID 33638


Name of Show: Dare to Dream

Out of : Burbank, CA

When: Friday, July 10 at 2 pm EST (11am PST)

Type: Broadcasts on regular radio and web radio

Info on the Station:

How can you listen?

on the radio in LA_ tune into 92.5 WYHY “The Why”


on the web:  and click “Listen Live”

(I’ll be taping this one live in the radio station in Burbank California earlier that week—another first for me!! (I’ll bring the cameras!…well, what I really mean is my cam-corder lol ;)


So please tune in if you can and send this info to whoever you think would benefit!!

Oh- and a major announcement about how you can get involved in the movie…as well as get involved in your OWN dreams….will be announced on the shows…so I’m just letting the “My Wish” friends know that first!! :)

Lots of love to you!

 (You ARE starting to work on your dream…aren’t you?? I want to hear!! Remember to go to the facegroup page and join at 

Keep on keepin on!