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It’s all about PEOPLE !

Thursday, September 25th, 2008

I keep focusing on being grateful and designing this journey to be fun and exciting! I know that this path has been full of surprises! Last week I went to a TV festival and film festival. Why? I believe I can create what I want by believing in myself, taking action and putting myself in situations where I am surrounded by people who are doing what I want to do and are decision makers….So I surrounded myself with industry executives, producers, directors and writers. I listened to them talk on panels on the future of TV and spoke to them during the festival networking events. The idea that it is all about “people” was solidified for me this week . There is no “OZ” or some unknown entity that runs things - they’re just “people” like you and me. They just got their before us by focusing and taking action on what they want- that’s all. A lot of these people are in positions where they create and put TV shows and films out there that can effect the masses- BINGO! That’s where I want to be! As I met so many great people, I was inspired by their creativity and risk. They inspired me to write and create my own show! Why not? I never did it before- but I can learn…I figured I’d just jump in with both feet! If you want to “dream big” you have to “risk big”- what’s the big deal? As they say, I’ll just do my best. If I don’t worry about messing up or feeling inadequate, then I’ve got nothing to loose and everything to gain by just doing it! I don’t have professional writing experience, but I DO have ideas and I DO have passion for what I want to do…so that was is…off I went to the computer! I got a template for how to write a proposal (in the entertainment business, they call it a “treatment”) for a show. But what kind of show do I want to act in and create??? I asked myself, “How do I want to feel on set each day?” (I want to laugh and have fun–so I decided on a comedy.) “What message do I want to send out through this show? That you are truly the creator of your reality! Go for your dreams! Why wait?? Why pass them up???). From there, I got the idea for, what I think, is a type of sitcom we haven’t seen yet and one that A LOT of people will be able to relate to!

So I just sat down for the last 5 nights and wrote and wrote and wrote! I don’t even know where it came from. I just sat at my desk and took out a pad and paper and started to write! I had the energy to do this only because I BELIEVED in what I was creating and was EXCITED about it… time disappeared for me as I was up till 3 AM each night! I had NO IDEA I would be doing this just FIVE DAYS AGO!!! But again, I put myself around the right people and got inspired the right way. So I came up with and wrote the pilot and all of the character description for the show. I was in this mad creative zone- it was a cool experience and now I have a new TOTAL respect for writers! Ideas were just flowing and when they started to flow a little slower, I looked for help and assembled a group of writers that wanted to be part of this project for the experience and possible opportunities–and they all got in that writing zone with me! I’m looking forward for the series to be picked up so that they can also have their dreams come true as writers…maybe the network will hire them??? Who knows??? But I am grateful for their help:)  So I typed up the whole treatment (pilot plus 5 episodes), added a bunch of marketing ideas for the show, registered it with the Writer’s Guild East (A friend I met at an event taught me to do this) and it is DONE! I have this total package for a new great show to be presented to Networks! I would have never thought I would have created something like this so early on in my career- but I did- and I’m proud of it! ……

So back to “people!”….Through putting myself in places where there is a higher chance of “something happening” than if I were to sit home on my couch…I got the treatment into the hands of some network executives…people…. I met!!! They are being so kind and want to to help get it into the right hands of the right people…..Do you see the pattern here??? I’m excited and passionate about what I want to do, and put myself around people who are already doing what I want to do….they catch my vibe and  they  talk to people about it, who then talk to other people about it! This causes a “buzz”- a stream of energy! And eventually, my ideas and actions that I have been taking will arrive at the next level. I know this , not out of ego, but because I believe in myself and my positive intentions. If you have to the opportunity to really connect with a person, and they feel your passion about what you are doing- it will become infectious- your dream, your passion will begin to take on a life of its own! So I dare you! Take a dream and make an appointment to put yourself in a place where you are around those people who are already doing it. And if you feel you can’t get in the mix-think of what you can bring to that circle. What can you contribute? What can you do to make things even better? Show up with sothemthing to offer- something to give. And even if at first you are only an observer, as it is said ”proximity is power”- someone may just reach out- and pull you in…. :)

How many sides of yourself are you revealing ???

Tuesday, September 9th, 2008

Fashion Week NYC 2008
Fashion Week NYC 2008


So, I’m just getting back from my daughter’s “meet the teacher night”…and I can’t help but remember when I was the one standing in front of the class addressing a group of parents! It was a surreal experience…it was like looking into a past life or something… “Wow! that used to be my life…classrooms, rules, learning, excitement, fun, a new year, a new group of students to reach out to!” I did that for almost 10 years and loved every second of it- appreciated each year and each opportunity I had to effect the lives of kids in a positive way. I am so grateful for that experience in my life and being able to express that side of myself in that arena!

Then I said to myself-”Wow- and here I am years later pursuing an acting career!” That’s a side of myself I never realized would materialize so strongly!! And then I thought- “Wow!- and I can’t believe just a few nights ago I was just at opening night for Fashion Week in NYC “under the tent” in Bryant Park…this is all so cool!”

How did I wind up going to fashion week???  Well a week before opening night, I was picking something up in the city for my acting- which was right next to Bryant Park. I was watching out the window at all of the workers putting together a MASSIVE amount of structure for this event over the vast lawn. I said to myself as I was watching “every year I drive by and see this tent and wonder what it’s like inside…I would love to get in there this year someway!!!” …and then I put that thought aside..p.s. I had a meeting a few days later with a manager who asked (without me mentioning it) if I would like to attend fashion week! He told me to ask for a name at the door (thanks again by the way:)and they let me right in…he said I could probably get into the tent- but probably not into a fashion show— but I asked someone running it if I could somehow see a show—and he said yes–there is an area for standing room only. So I got into the show!

As I walked in, I saw a sea of reporters, photographers, models, designers, was incredible!…a world I was never involved in..but always seemed like fun when I would watch a fashion show on TV!….and here I was…just like the fashion shows on TV!!…then someone came over to me and graciously insisted that I take his chair…3rd row at the end where all of the models stopped…wow- that was sooo nice of him….:)

So here I was, sitting in the midst of all this excitement…who knew last week as I was looking out that window that this would manifest!!! The show was incredible- the lights- the fashion- the music- the whole vibe- I especially loved the part when one of the model’s shoes broke and she had to walk with one high heel shoe on and one bare foot—and I loved this part because the next model that came down the catwalk VOLUNTERELY took her shoes off as she was walking—then the next model took her shoes off…all  of the models were taking their shoes off in solidarity! Everyone was clapping and the models all went from having that “look at me–I’m tuff and I have attitude” to smiling and laughing—the humanity in that moment was incredible :)….to me, it shows we are all human..  “shit happens”…and sometimes we just have to laugh it off :)…allow ourselves to breathe…and allow ourselves to “just keep walking”….no matter what :) Anyway, it was a great moment:)

At the end, all of the designers came out to take a bow—they all looked like they just worked so hard to put their designs and the show together—it was a great way to express themselves- each line of clothing being inspired by a different life experience of each of the designers…and the music that the models walked to was perfectly fit- just like their clothes….and then I thought “Wow! I want to do this too!!!” I have a part of me that can be expressed through designing…I would love to put together a team of designers and come out with a great clothing line and have great models showing everything off to some great music inspired by something in my life!!!!….but not just yet…my focus is on acting:)….But can I see this in the future??? yes!…Jennifer Lopez did it, P. Diddy did it, Madonna did it….and countless other singers and actresses did it….I’m putting it out there now!….I caught the bug with this experience and I will do it too one day! :) It’s a side of myself that I want to express that I didn’t realize I had :) No rush….it will happen one day when the time is right…:)…but like I said “I’m putting it out there”.. and while I’m on the topic…I’ll also put out there that I want to be exposed to many different opportunities to express myself and effect others in a positive way…I’m open to it all….but it doesn’t have to be all at once…it CAN be…but it doesn’t have to be..I’m just designing what I would like to include in this incredible life experience God has given me :) AND… I want to be an author AND an “inspirational” jewerly deisgner AND a speaker AND….I’m starting to sound like one of the kid’s in my daughter’s class lol :)…but I’m OK with that…this is my life…why put any type of limits on myself???

So, I met some great people at Fashion Week- a lot of people who are also going for their dreams–oh- and while I was there I got pulled to the side, interviewed by a paper and photographed in front of one of those “banners” with all of the little words on it that you see in magazines(It’s in the picture above:)…wow…what a fun night :)))—like I say—It’s not about when you get there….it’s about enjoying and appreciating all the cool stuff that happens along the way!….:)

So, what’s the many sides of YOU??? What are all the different ways that YOU would like to express yourself in this life??? You would be amazed at what you can be inspired to do if you let yourself be exposed to different experiences!!! You have so many sides, so many talents, many which you haven’t even begun to express yet!!! Many of which you don’t even know you have yet!!! :)

And thank you for reading this…like I said in my introductory blog…when you read my “stuff”…please…relate it to your OWN life! There is so much out there for you!

“You are special, you are appreciated, you are loved. This is your life…now go LIVE it !!!!! :)

-Donna :)

MY WISH blog introduction !

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008

Hi everyone! Welcome to my blog introduction! This is where you’ll get all of the information on this “real-time journey!” You’ll be able to read all that’s happening-all that I’m going through in pursuit of making my dream of becoming a working actress and producer a reality. It’s not meant to be a step-by-step on how I become a working actress and producer- it is meant to be a place you can check in to see if there is anything here you could connect with and possibly use to create the life-the dream- you have imagined for yourself! I’d like to start it off with offering a little bit of my background :)I’m a wife to my supportive husband and a mom to our three beautiful children- all of whom I love and appreciate:) I also used to be a H.S. Biology teacher- a career that I was privileged to have! Every day, I had the chance to inspire and uncover the greatest potential in hundreds of students! I eventually resigned from teaching when we decided to start a family:) I am also a woman with a spirit that wants to constantly expand and constantly inspire others to find what they want in life and what they want to give from life. (See! I came to the realization that I do not have to be in a classroom in order to try and make a positive impact on the lives of others!) I have this absolutely burning desire to reach out to as many of you as possible so that you may start to incorporate your dreams into your everyday reality- so it gets to a point that – YES, your life is like a dream! And I’m going to mention here quickly that, yes, we all may have had, and may experience in the future, including myself,our share of some tough life experiences. However, it’s all about how you deal and go through them with your mind, your emotions and your spirit, that lets you move on and move through them.

I believe that we all choose to be here in these times together- all on our individual journeys. But if we stop for a moment, and realize how many others also chose this time to be here- it kind of makes me feel that we’re all connected in some way…and I love that:)

I used to joke around about how “in my next life” I want to live a life that connects with people all over the globe who share a passion for life and who are here to contribute to this world in incredibly big ways- people who want to make a huge positive impact! I used to joke around about how it would be “so cool” do do this through acting and producing. In acting, you have the opportunity to see life from so many perspectives- through the characters you play- kind of like borrowing their souls for a bit. Through producing, you have an opportunity to create and get your big ideas out there through the story of film or TV. Sometimes, all it may take is one line or one scene to introduce you to a totally new way of thinking that may change your life in ways you’ve never even imagined! Then is dawned on me….why not make all of this happen in this life!!!! What am I waiting for???

So obviously all of you out there may not share in the same dream that I have for myself- you have your OWN dreams!!!! And this site is for you! Instead of giving you the absolute specifics as to what I’m doing day to day in pursuing my acting career, this blog will be about the experiences I am having in doing so and the life lessons I am learning from them.  It’s about how I pursue incorporating my dream into my day to day reality with all of the wonderful situations and challenges I go through- many of which I have not even faced yet….this is my real-time journey. Take from it what connects with you and put aside the rest:) My life and situation may be very similar to yours or may be very unlike yours- but one thing is for sure- I believe we are all here to create, to learn, to give, to love and to have fun! (Yes have fun!- Why not!)-At your core, you all have an incredible light-wether it’s shining out there right now or it’s something you have to learn to let shine.

So my friends, what’s YOUR dream??? My Wish is for you to start thinking about it and get it moving!!! If I can do it- YOU can do it!!! Let’s take this exciting journey together….. ready…. set…. GO !!!

Thanks for reading- and I’ll write to you again real soon!

All things are possible!