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Sunday, November 16th, 2008

By: Donna Sirianni
(A short article I was asked to write for my friend Sandra’s web site at that I wanted to share with you! )

This may seem a little “weird” to you- but trust me- just go with it:) Raise your left arm out to your left side and your right arm out to your right side and leave them there. Now, look only at your left hand. In it, place all of the things that you DON’T WANT in life. Put there what you DON’T want to happen in your relationships, in your business, in your financial situation, with your health, and with your spiritual self. Think about that for a bit.

Now “leave” your left hand and turn your head and focus to your right hand. In it, place all of the things that you DO WANT in life! Picture or feel the most fulfilling relationships you could imagine! Picture or feel your business and financial situation growing in leaps and bounds- so much so, that you are able to give back in ways you never even imagined! Picture or feel a strong, healthy, fit body that gives you all the energy you need to experience the things in this hand! Picture or feel yourself so connected with God and your inner spirit that you know- without a doubt- that you are loved and guided. Let these feelings sit with you for a while as you are looking into your right hand.

Now notice…… you just proved to yourself that you CANNOT focus on what you have in your left hand, while giving all of your thoughts and attention to your right hand. So my friend, into which hand do you choose to go through life focusing your thoughts and energy??? It is your choice………always has been :)


Friday, November 7th, 2008
IndimusicTV First Time 11-8-08

IndimusicTV First Time 11-8-08



Wow! Now THIS is blowing me away! In my last blog, I wrote about creating and writing a TV show. The show is a sitcom called “More to Mommy”. It is about a young mom who loves her family and at the same time feels that she has more to express….. So she sets out to go for her dream as a song writer in the flashy music industry, balancing things like making cupcakes for the PTA and making a splash at the infamous GRAMMYS! Real! Inspirational! Comedic!

As I am in the middle of writing the pilot for this TV sitcom show, I wind up auditioning for a TV show called “Indi Music TV”  ( CURRENTLY airing on WLNY channel 10/55 Saturday nights at 11 pm. Chris Pati is the creator and producer. We hit it off creatively and professionally. He is a leader in the indie music world and has a great attitude as to what is possible…right away I felt it was an atmosphere and project where I could bring my energy and contribute in a positive way! I offered to help in any way I can whether in front or behind the camera -or both! Well, he offered both!! He gave me the opportunity to find talent and run a casting session to look for awesome VJs to put on the show in the near future. I got the chance to understand things on “both sides”…. from being an actress and the work it takes to castt alent in a project. It was so much fun!!!! ALL of the people brought in  did an awesome job!!! He also gave me the opportuntiy and role to be a VJ for the segment called “Ask the Guru” where the show seeks advice from various leaders in the music industry for musicians!

Being involved in this show is a GIFT that I didn’t even see coming!! I always wanted to incorporate music into what I am doing in the industry in some way. I’m not really a vocalist or musician, but I AM one of those people who have a comlplete appriciation for music and lyrics…. Throw me any song and I can tell you excatly what time of my life it was on the radio, where I was and what I was feeling around that time…music has been like my life’s diary.. It has always been an “imagine if” when it comes to adding it to my experiences in the entertaiment world. And here it is out of left field- who knows where the music will take me??? Maybe I’ll write some of my own songs to share!! Just another outlet to hopefully inspire people!!! I am so grateful! And at this point TOTALLY trust the fact that I am ABSOLUTELY being guided on this journey. Whether things seem like they are slowing down at some point, or things don’t go as planned…it’s really not about my plan, it’s about God’s plan. All you need to do is to hold your vision of WHAT you want to create, WHY you want to create it, the type of people WHO you want to create it with and ENJOY this whole journey! The proof of this is unfolding before my eyes, and hopefully before yours too!

What about you !! Think about what you want to create! DAYDREAM about all the different scenarios that you could possibly think of !! Be excited and KNOW that it’s coming !! Look around you to see evidence of the universe yeilding to you and be grateful! Focus on the little things that will start to happen that will show you that it’s all being lined up for you! Be in awe of anything and everything that comes your way- even the slightest hint of what’s coming up for you…….and just WATCH what happens!!! Live life!!! Play full out!!! YOU wanted to be here!!! So get out there and start mixing it up!!!! ;)