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Make it Happen! Nothing is impossible !

Monday, December 29th, 2008

Make it happen! Nothing is impossible!
(Before reading this, and after if you want :) please click the above blue link “Make it happen! Nothing is Impossible!”- it’s a short video clip with a lot of meaning as you read on!Actually, play it a few times if you would…:)
Wow!!!! Hi everybody!!!! As I look back on this year and on this documentary I decided to produce, I can’t help but to think that this journey is blowing my mind!!! As I just editied (a new skill I am picking up because I am focused in getting things done immediately! :) and posted this short clip from IndiMusic TV- I have to share what a surreal experience this was! The producers of IndiMusic TV have been great this season and have encouraged me to improv and add lines to the script as long as it is in context with what we are doing—well it was like a bell went off in my head– I thought to myself-this show is currently reaching over 75,000 homes each week according to its tristate ratings and I have an opportunity to look DIRECTLY into the camera and say something that can possibly INSPIRE people as I’m doing the show–I am TOTALLY going to do that!! On the season finale show, there was an opportunity for me to add the line “NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!” A chill literally went through my body as I said it into the camera and it was like this whole year went in slow motion in my head. I set out to do this movie so I can share the FACT that you could go from TOTALLY starting out fresh, not knowing anyone, not having done it before and pursue that goal, that dream, that life that you want!….My purpose in this industry is to “Inspire and send energy through the media by producing and acting in outstanding TV, film and Web-projects, that will get the mainstream masses excited about their journey and expose them to the possiblities in creating the most amazing, fulfilling life they can imagine!”…..and here I am , just MONTHS later, bascially having the opportunity to do that! Here I am, standing in front of a camera, reaching thousands of homes saying the MOST IMPORTANT thing that I want people to hear! “Nothing is impossible!” … in SEE!!!! I WANTED this! I knew WHY I wanted this! I constantly held this vision in my head this year….constantly took inspired action and it is all culminating in this EXACT moment!!….with the FACT that I am in front of this camera saying that “NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE! ”

I can’t even express to you in this blog how GRATEFUL I am for my journey this year- I have met ONLY the best, down to earth, open, positive people in this business- you know why?… Because that’s all I’m looking for!!!…I have made some really great friends whos support has meant the world to me! And my bag of incredible experiences…. that I have attracted in ways I didn’t even see coming…. have made this year so meaningful and so much fun!!! It’s been like a huge bunch of surprise thing leading to antoher..perfectly planned out by the universe.I have COMPLETE faith and know that God is with me and guiding me in this whole life experience…And as I do what I can to live in the moment, it allows me to reflect back and SEE the EVIDENCE, that even though I may not know EXACTLY how everything will unfold to getting me to where I want to go and what I want to do, as long as I hold that vision,BELIEVE in my soul it will happen, be grateful for where I am and look and feel for clues for when I should take INSPIRED action- IT WILL HAPPEN!!! And this journey in reaching what I want to acheive is truly the BEST part of it all!!! The REAL goal is to enjoy the process, because the “process” is actually your “life”!

So before you look ahead to 2009, do yourself a favor and look BACK at 2008…what happened this year that you are grateful for? Who did you meet that you are grateful for? What did you learn? What did you do that was a little outside your comfort zone? Who did you inspire? Whos life did you possibly make better? Where did you get to go? What did you see that you never saw before? Even if you had some unwanted thoughts or experiences- as we ALL do- how did that make you more CLEAR on what it is that you DO want??? What changes did you make? And as you do this, you will see that you too- have had an amazing year! It’s all in the perspective that YOU DECIDE to take!

And as you think about what you want for 2009- try this on if you want- add to your goals to make this a FUN year by creating and being open to experinces you have never had before- promise yourself that wether you reach your “goal” or not, that you be aware of and appriciate all of the experinces and people that WILL lead you to where you want to eventually go- live in the moment and enjoy the process-I mean your life- because if you can do that- you will be surprised beyond your wildest dreams! Get excited and play full out! Come on!!! You wanted to be here!!!
LET’S DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wishing you the BEST reflection on 2008 and the BEST of it ALL for 2009- It’s all there waiting for you-all you have to do is look for it!!!

Lots of love to you!
Donna Sirianni