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Appreciating Where You Are and Being Excited About What’s Coming Up!

Friday, April 3rd, 2009
Donna on teh set of IndiMusic TV

Donna on the set of IndiMusic TV

Hey Everybody! Long time no write! lol I guess I’ve been busy doing all the things I talk about in this blog!! :) So…update…after the last season of IndiMusic TV, and giving it all I had both in front of the camera and behind…I was asked to come on as associate producer! My first producer credit for television! Something totally new, and something I never did before…but here I am doing it!!! I’m using all my…. I guess you can say “life skills” from all my other prior personal and professional experiences and putting it all together…I LOVE IT!…..Didn’t I say I want to produce?? Did I go to “producer school?”…NO…but have I been excited about the idea and know it was going to come like a little kid…but not knowing were or when …YES! As I was putting ideas on the table before this season, I said to myself…”OK..I never though I would enter this industry through being a host..but here it has been offered to me…and I am gratefully taking it…excited about it AND putting in 200% of hard, fun, challenging work and 200% of positive attitude which I DECIDE to bring to the set and to meetings as a leader as well as part of a team. Nothing is a problem and everything can be fixed one way or another…

I cast for new VJs…an amazing experience..being on the other side…makes it so much easier when I am the one going on an has been a real LEARNING experience…and as I was finding people to call in and doing casting sessions..all I could say to God, the universe, is “thank you and this must be part of the overall plan in helping me out down the line!” I also took on the responsibility of heading up the new “Around the World” Segment of the show…(with the help of Terri…a writer that has been working with me on the “More to Mommy Script” who has expanded her abilities in helping out on this show for me:) I said to my self “Around the GLOBE????” you mean I have to find people to work with ALL AROUND THE WORLD in major cities???!!! I’M IN!!! Didn’t I say I wanted to try and create a positive impact in the WORLD??? hummmm…..:) Now for the show’s purpose, these people I found in major international cities are ones that are excited about bringing independent music to the states…helping people go for their dreams….isn’t that along the lines of what I want to do??? And who KNOWS where this will lead to!!! Then I found new writers for the show!! How did I find all of these people and especially the ones in international cities?? How do I go about bringing stuff like this together if I have no major “experience yet in the field?”…Craigslist…and looking up bloogers in different countries on the computer…and going back through all my friends in the industry that I have made this past year…and that’s basically it…not a big deal! AND I truly believe having a fun, let’s make it happen attitude along with being excited about what I was attempting to put together and the newness of it all…let that open energy flow and brought the right people and situations to me.

And I ACKNOWLEDGE what happens..I don’t call it a “coincidence” but a manifestation of my thoughts, energy and effort that I put out there……and I live each day feeling overwhelmingly GRATEFUL…which makes me want to give back even more!……and then…. I get a call for a television interview about my projects and the message I want to send about the people out there I care about…everyone who wants to feel more fulfilled, but believe its not possible….well it IS!

Take ownership of the life YOU are creating! Once you do that, you will realize that YOU own the pen in scripting your colorful journey through life! Is this YOUR life or someone else’s??? Are you doing the best you can with what is in front of you? Are you taking the experiences you are in the middle as a gift? A lesson? A taste of what is to come? What’s GREAT about where you are right now…and what’s great about what is coming to you? There are so many things for you lined up outside your door…let them in…let them in by being grateful for what you already have and where you already are…you’re exactly where you are supposed to be in your life right now…if you’re in a place you want to change…be grateful for the gift of clarity…because when you clean up your energy, your thoughts and open your heart to life…..well…..everything you ever wanted is out there waiting for you…:)

Sending you LOTS of love!