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This is the stuff that happens when you keep on keepin’ on!

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

Donna Sirianni being interviewed for the "Live it Up!" TV show So WOW…as I sit here typing this I feel like a kid at Christmas time….wait… is Christmas time! So much is happening and all I keep feeling is that I want to tell everybody “SEE!!!! Do you see what’s is unfolding??!! Do you know you can do the same for your OWN life??!! I want you to believe in yourself, I want you to unleash that GREATNESS you have inside… that we ALL have inside!!

I remember saying to myself (for like the last year!)…I need to make this trailer go viral !!…This real time message HAS to be publicized!!I want to reach as many people all over the world as I possible can….but how do I do it when I can’t afford to pay a big company do to something on the crazy huge scale that I need them to? Just hold tight I kept saying, maybe I’ll find someone that will want to finance the rest of the film and THEN I can do that…or maybe someone will come from out of the blue and just WANT to be part of this??!!  I just kept on playing “what if ” scenarios in my head…And THAT’S what happened!!! A friend of mine, Jeff,  (hi Jeff!) that I met while volunteering at a Tony Robbins event 3 years ago, reconnected with me and has been incredibly supportive from day one of MY WISH. He lives is a totallydifferent state, ran into a woman named Jennifer Hess who studied under  the team who analyzed the famous social media campaign for President Obama…He told her about the MY WISH trailer, she saw it, she called me to tell me she will be flying up to NY to meet with me and that she wants to take on the MY WISH campaign on her own because she believes in the message! Just like that!  (Her company’s site: Experts of Social Media ) I talked to her on the phone, she is incredible!….and this is yet another example of attracting a super positive person to be a part of this team! This all happened in just a few days and I am super grateful!!!! YOU NEVER KNOW HOW YOUR OWN STORY WILL UNFOLD!!! “Hold the vision and trust the process!”

This also gives me confidence now in the other things I envision happening…like finding the few celebrities that I think can add a lot of value to the film by talking about their own belief system…..I am doing what I can on my own to contact them…but I know as in the above example, that the universe MUST be in the middle of orchestrating it….so I will just know that it will eventually happen…be excited, grateful and “trust the process!” I am sure in the future I will be sending you a blog being blown out of my mind how I contacted my first celebrity! lol

So, all of you wonderful souls reading this….don’t stop!!!! Keep going!!! When you feel that you have NO IDEA how something is going  to come together…keep believing…even when you’re not feeling so hot about the progress you “think” you’re not making…if you hold your vision, keep believing , keep giving and loving…I really believe/know it will happen!!

Before I go…some more updates I’d love for you to check out!!

1. The My Wish site (the site you’re on right now- just go to the home page) is in the middle of getting a facelift:)…new banner on the top of the page as well as new icons to click above the trailer to follow me/ the film on You  Tube, Facebook and Twitter….so feel free to subscribe to the youtube channel,friend me, tweet me….whatever it’s called lol :)

2.Tomorrow morning (Th Dec 10that 6 am on WLNY) I will be interviewed on TV by my now great friend Donna Drake (in the pic above) ! She is full of life, energy and loves to “paint with people”! (Her book:) She has been a great friend introducing me to so many positive people! Her show is called “Live It Up!!!!”

3. My press/media room….2 REALLY cool things!

-I did my FIRST overseas interview on Skype with a speaker from Singapore!! It was soooo cool!! Talk about wanting to reach others on the other end of the globe! (you can hear it when you go to the page below and click on “radio interviews”)

-Also the MY WISH project got its FIRST front page local news spread! You can read it when you go to the  link below  and scroll down to “articles/newsletters” Its so funny because the first sentence mistakenly says that the film has already been completed…but I take it as a look into the film’s future…a literal validation for me of what is to come! See! The universe is working so fast, that I have to really keep up!

You can see both of the new interviews here:

So there you go…I am hoping that all of the above is evidence for you what starts happening when you keep on keepin’ on!!!!! Now go get your dream!!!

Lots of love!


P.S.  As always, I love to hear from you!!