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“My Wish” on the radio…here we go !!!

Donna Sirianni

Donna Sirianni

Here we go!!! ….

I’m excited to say that the promotional trailer for “My Wish” is catching the eyes of people who want to spread its message even more! I want to let you know about two radio shows that I’m doing over the next week or so to promote the movie and   people out their to go for their dreams….one out of Washington State, and the other out of LA :)

I am totally trusting in God and this whole process of  my journey in contributing in the entertainment business. Again, there is no “small” situation…it is all “BIG” to me….all  signs that I am on the right path with this…I see the people coming into my life out of “nowhere” wanting to help out with the “My Wish” film….and all different opportunities coming up with producing and acting….I acknowldege what’s going on. I feel like it is so important to do that…stop and take “inventory” on the people around you , the situations “popping up”…and the blessings that are in your life, that we sometimes take for granted or say is a “coincidence”..I don’t believe in coincidences…I believe it’s “validation” that the universe and God hear what you want to do and are sending you the people and situations you need to do what you are focused on doing…just say “THANK YOU” and “YES! More of this please!!!” ……keep holding that picture in your head…and believe me – you’ll know when to act- you’ll feel inspired- you’ll get an idea to act on —and that’s when you need to do it!!! Even if something doesn’t happen from that right away…it might be for a reason in the future that you don’t know yet..just trust your gut!  :)

So as for the two shows that I am so excited to be on….am I a seasoned interview guest? Nope, not yet…am I a little nervous to do all this- yup! a little….but again…if I want BIG RESULTS I need to take my own BIG RISKS!! So here we go- I would love for you to take note of the places and time- and if you have time to tune in! :)

Radio Interviews:


Name of show: Dream List Radio

Out of: Washington State

When: Tuesday, June 16th  at 1 pm EST (10 am PST)

Type: Web radio

Info on the station:

How can you listen?

A. log on to


B. call in at (724) 444-7444 Caller ID 33638


Name of Show: Dare to Dream

Out of : Burbank, CA

When: Friday, July 10 at 2 pm EST (11am PST)

Type: Broadcasts on regular radio and web radio

Info on the Station:

How can you listen?

on the radio in LA_ tune into 92.5 WYHY “The Why”


on the web:  and click “Listen Live”

(I’ll be taping this one live in the radio station in Burbank California earlier that week—another first for me!! (I’ll bring the cameras!…well, what I really mean is my cam-corder lol ;)


So please tune in if you can and send this info to whoever you think would benefit!!

Oh- and a major announcement about how you can get involved in the movie…as well as get involved in your OWN dreams….will be announced on the shows…so I’m just letting the “My Wish” friends know that first!! :)

Lots of love to you!

 (You ARE starting to work on your dream…aren’t you?? I want to hear!! Remember to go to the facegroup page and join at 

Keep on keepin on!


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  1. Martine Brennan Says:

    Donna, Greetings and good wishes from Ireland! I am delighted to be introduced to you and your work. Just one month ago, I published my first book Happiness it’s just a habit. Like you I am learning each step of the way. What is the next step? How do I reach out and connect with people out there? This is such an exciting journey! The big thing I want to say to you is EXPECT the kindness of strangers. People I have never met have given me information, introductions and suggestions. There is so much generosity out there and people are only waiting to be asked.
    I know you will succeed. I am cheering already.
    martine Brennan

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