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Hello Everyone!

Well I just returned from my trip to LA and San Diego…it was great! In LA I did my first “In the studio” Radio interview. Deborah was awesome! Her show is great…she produces “Dare to Dream”…in which she interviews people who encourage you to “dare to dream” . lol

She has a great warm energy and is doing what she is meant to do :) I’m learning to relax before I do these, just talk from my heart…and be real…always :) It’s so exciting as I focus being in the moment how everything is happening so fast…and most importantly with great people who genuinely care about others. I feel like I’m on a really good path and as always, have faith in God that he is taking me to where I will be able to express what I need to express…. This interview can be heard :

this Fri July 10th, 2009 at 2 pm (EST) at:  (92.5….an LA radio station) 

just click “LISTEN LIVE” at the time the show airs…if you miss it, it will be in Deborah’s archives on her site at

We also did some filming from this interview for “My Wish” the movie…pretty cool :)

It’s funny, but I used to think…how do people get on the radio and TV and do this stuff??? I actually “met” her by posting the “My Wish” trailer on Linked In…..she found it and asked me if I wanted to be interviewed…but you had to be in the studio in LA…and I live in NY!!!…BUT, I was going to be on the west coast for a leadership seminar the exact week she had a cancellation!!! Now, you may think “what a coincidence” but I think…”Of course! That’s how it works when you are “in the flow”! This whole law of attraction thing is working at its best….and all I say is “THANK YOU!”

So  I invite you to check out the interview! And as always would love feedback as well as topics or questions you would want me to address for future interviews!! I want to know what YOU want me to share!! :)

So….after the interview, I went down to San Diego for a Leadership Seminar….as “bad” as the economy is, it was so inspiring to see hundreds of people willing to commit to being a leader in this time…and wanting to help others to perhaps get a different perspective on things…to see opportunities and possibilities so they can move forward.

One of my favorite parts was at the end of the week when hundreds of us stormed the middle of the conference room to the song “Lose Yourself” by Eminem! We each had 3 attempts to break the board with our hands after getting massively focused and telling ourselves that we could ABSOLUTELY do this! If you missed on the third attempt , you went to the side to work with trainers until you broke it, as  to not disturb the massive flow of energy storming the center of the room! So for me, it was like this… first attempt..I didn’t do it…my quick response in my head was “shit! this board is HARD!!” lol  next thought…”SO WHAT!…I’m not stopping_ I’ll do it again!”…2nd attempt….a “no-go” again! “My response to myself…ahhhhh this is awesome! this is the lesson!! People get “no” all the time or worse yet, tell THEMSELVES “no”….but I say “YES!!!!!!!!…nothing will stop me!!!!!” and with that, the board cracked in half!! and for a second, I was like “holy shit! I really did break it!!!! :)”….then jumped over to the other side of the room to celebrate with everyone else who already broke their boards and was cheering us on……so I want you to know that even though I may not kow the details of the dream you are going for or started to incoprporate into your life (and I am assuming you are doing this…that’s the whole point of this movie!!!!!! :) I am TOTALLY cheering you on in my heart andsend MASSIVE positive energy out to ALL of you!!! NO doesn’t mean a thing….when you make it an absolute YES!….it will happen!!!!!……now, what “board” are YOU going to break???!!!!

Lots of love and board breaking energy to you!!!!

Donna :)

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  1. Marian Sirianni Says:

    Wonderful you are so blessed and you are blessing others. Keep up this great journey.

    Love Mom S

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