My Wish the movie

Pursue Until it POPS !

Donna Sirianni on set

Donna Sirianni on set

Hey everyone! ….Wow- as I just uploaded this picture onto this blog..I am realizing how many times I have been on set in the background of things etc. watching the leads, being happy for them , and at the same time knowing that I will one day be the lead of things…used those opportunities to visualize my future. And this picture here is the manifestation of that…pretty freakin cool lol. Sometimes, well I do it A LOT of the times, lol…being conscious of stuff like this makes what you want to manifest, flow faster to your path…this is an example of something that has “popped” for on and you’ll see what I mean.

OK, so I told you that I am NOT stopping no matter what – and let’s see what happens…remember, I’m looking to play FULL OUT….looking to push my spirit to see what can be manifested during my time on this Earth…positively impact as MANY people around the world as I can through what I am able to create…and for me…I choose the entertainment business…acting/producing etc. For you, you have your own great dream :)

But the whole purpose here is to NOT make all this visualization/belief systems/ law of attraction some kind of “fluffy cloud” stuff… my purpose is to make it REAL to you…that’s why I’m exposing all of these things to you as they are applied by myself! 

It’s been a little over a year and a half since I pressed “play” on my camcorder for “My Wish” the movie…and what a fun ride it’s been! As I look back though, I want to share what I’ve learned. MANY, MANY times as I’ve been on this path, I’ve been in situations where I got excited and thought to myself “THIS IS IT!” (meaning I thought someone I met or circumstance I was in was IT!  The one or thing that was going to help not just move everything forward…but make it POP to a huge new level!) Only to find out…oh..I guess this is NOT it :(……but I always knew that the experience of it NOT being “it” will just make me grow as a person as I move forward….and of course, yes, it may SUCK!!!! … for the moment…but I won’t let myself stay there :) lol

And as I look back ,  it really hit me that there are probably so many people out there who thought that their OWN thing was going to work, or pop, but then didn’t…and then they just stopped all together. When someone else sees what you’re doing and thinks it’s no good, or won’t work, or doesn’t fit in..that COULD be deflating…and sometimes you may be the only one who “GETS IT”. But ok…what we are focusing on here is what happens if you STILL believe and STILL move forward with it anyway?? You will get more nos…then maybe a few… ok maybe not POPS…. but maybe something that moves you a little closer to your goals and what you want to do. Maybe we NEED those “no’s” to check in with ourselves to see if it is really our passion..what we really want to do. Do the no’s DEFEAT you or DEFINE you? (Hey, I Like that one! lol) But eventually, if you keep on believing and keep moving forward….things WILL “POP”!! They must. (That’s what I choose to believe anyway :) And I also rather choose to define “No” as “Not yet” or “Not this way“…I mean, doesn’t that sit better with you? :) It’a amazing- you really can create your own meaning to anything that happens!!!

I’ve had great experiences (even ones that may not seem so great, I DECIDE to TURN INTO great!…..because I feel like it…another growth opportunity whooo hooo… lol)

At this point in my journey and in “My Wish” the movie…I am the closest I have ever been to POPPING everywhere…closest I have been to having an agent…closest I have been to speaking with TOP celebrities to say a few words to you in this film…closest I have ever been to getting the rest of ”My Wish” funded…closest I have ever been in getting mainstream TV press on the message of the film.

Now, all of the above may not happen with the people and circumsatances that I’m invoved with right now…I think they will…because I always think it will…I will ALWAYS get excited and feel THIS IS IT!  Because as an analogy to this goes…”I rather love and have a loss than to never have loved at all”…or something like that….but I DO KNOW that if these circumstances do NOT work out…I WILL keep going….because I have decided to love the journey. Do you see what I’m saying? ??If you are not loving the journey, you might keep saying  to yourself- “But I can’t keep doing this!!!”   “How much of my life am I going to have to spend on this???” “When is it going  to HAPPEN!!!” Ahhhh haaa! …..If you’re loving the journey…whether what you want to do “POPS” or not…… IT WON”T MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!! I invite you to sit with that one for a while…I did.

So will you continue your journey???? Will you even START your journey???? Mine is just one example and I am so happy and honored you’re on it with me! Hey, like I said, I’m learning as I go along and just want to share what I think are my own real-time lessons with YOU!

Much much MUCH love to you!!! :)


 P.S. The trailer by the way, has reached over 75 countries! Thanks  for your part in that!! Let’s keep it going!!!

6 Responses to “Pursue Until it POPS !”

  1. Keith Says:

    I’m so impressed with your vision! It resonates with me so loudly because at 52 I’m finally “going for it.” I’ve been at it for years and years, working on my craft, but have never really given myself the chance for success that I deserve. Soooo, I’m selling my house and going for it. First stop–Florida. But I’ll be in LA one day and you and I will meet and compare “going for it” notes, and you just watch–I’ll bet we wind up working on the same set. :) GO girl!!

  2. Crystal Says:

    I have often felt that it’s hard to apply a lot of the motivational material that I’ve been reading and watching, to my own daily life. I wondered if I’d actually be able to find a woman with children demonstrating the journey to her dream and giving realistic pointers of how she would achieve her dream, and voila! here you are! I accidentally came across your video on YouTube today, and I want to THANK YOU very much for doing something in such a big way to help lots of women (and everyone) look to as a real life example. The “NOT YET” and “NOT LIKE THIS” will be of great assistance to change the daily “grind” into great anticipation of days full of joy!

  3. stewart clements Says:

    Hi donna like always u make my heart smile!

  4. Tom Martin Says:

    I love your spirit & enthusiasm! I’m eager to hear how the story continues to unfold. Thanks for being such a great inspiration!


  5. Pauline Baggarly Says:

    Wonderful Donna, this is so refreshing! XO Pauline

  6. Martine Brennan author of happiness it's just a habit Says:

    Hi Donna, good to hear you again and just the lift I needed after a day of “NOT LIKE THIS”. I spent the day telling myself this is just research. I really like your “No means NOT YET”. I will put it up over my desk along with Blessed are the flexible they shall not be bent out of shape by Gene Simmons.
    Keep truckin

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